Ron Wyatt’s Amazing Discoveries

Ron Wyatt was a Biblical archaeologist who made many amazing discoveries; most notably: Sodom and Gomorrah, The Red Sea Crossing, Noah’s Ark, Mount Sinai and The Ark of the Covenant as seen on the Revealing God’s Treasures DVD.

Ron was the most humble, God-fearing man I have ever met.  He was not interested in fame or fortune.  He was only interested in doing the Lord’s will.  He made great money as a nurse anesthetist, but gave most of it to this work, including traveling overseas 130 times.  When he would run out of money overseas, he would head back to his job and earn more money to fund his work for the Lord.  He lived in a duplex in Nashville during most of his work, desiring to spend his money working for the Lord, instead of on a beautiful home. In 1977, when the Lord was showing Ron that He had a job for him to do, Ron sold his farm and used that money for this work.  He did not have health or life insurance, as he would give the money he would spent on insurance premiums to the Lord’s work. – Kevin Fisher, Who Was Ron Wyatt?