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A Vision of the Death of the PetroDollar!

A Vision of the Death of the PetroDollar!

A Vision of the Death of the PetroDollar! In 2012, Shane Warren saw an open vision of the future of America. In the vision he saw a financial storm hitting America due to China, Iran and Russia’s collusion to buy oil in a currency other than the U.S. Dollar – breaking...

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In 2020 we have seen an unprecedented push to drive the entire world into a digital identification system. This scheme is labeled by the United Nations as ID2020. The first phase of this global ID is to tie it to vaccinations. In order to do this the UN has created a global pandemic scare with only one solution – A Vaccine!

The amazing point is how easily the entire world seems to be complying with their demands. Apparently it will be incredibly easy (and popular) to mandate the Biblical “Mark of the Beast!” The system is in place now and you don’t have long to make a choice.

What did the Wise Men actually see? Discover the profound truth as we embark on an intriguing investigation exploring the historical, astronomical, archaeological and biblical records about the Star of Bethlehem”!

Throughout the ages, many have presented their theories on this subject; however, none have conclusively proven their findings. Until now!

This video will intensify your faith and promote a deeper reverence towards God and His Son Yeshua.

From November 2013 through September 2015, nine “Warning Signs” appeared in the heavenseach timed concurrently with the Biblical Appointed Times (Feasts) of Yehovah.


4 Lunar Eclipses (Blood Moons)

2 Solar Eclipses

1 Comet named ISON (I the SON!)

1 Asteroid nicknamed “The Beast”

1 Close Approach of Saturn


A sequence of four consecutive Blood Moons occurs every 55 years.


All four of these Blood Moons land on a Biblical Feast Day once every 250 years.


Add five more signs that all land on Appointed Times and the chances of this ever happening are slim to none.


Now, in 2020, we are just now seeing what these signs were warning us about!

Three days before the final Blood Moon in this sequence the United Nations passed the 2030 agenda. Included in this nefarious plan is the scheme to give a global identification number to everyone on the planet, which is the Biblical Mark of the Beast!

Are we living in the Age of Aquarius?

A recent planetary alignment suggests that we have already witnessed the dawning of this new Age as described in the popular 1969 hit song by the Fifth Dimension titled “Aquarius”!

It may be surprising, but by analyzing the stars, we can determine with certainty whether we are in this Mystical Age of Perfection – or if not – when we actually will enter the Age of Aquarius.

Join me for an exciting look at what we can expect to see in The Age of Aquarius – and how it is actually Biblically based!